2014 ACE Announcement


Theme 1: New and Emerging E&P Provinces

New plays in Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa, Arctic Region, Russia and Caspian Sea, Deep water exploration, Stratigraphic traps, Subsalt plays, New strategies for future exploration, Managing nontechnical risks

Theme 2: E&P in Mature Basins

Exploration in mature basins, Reservoir characterization, Reservoir geologic modeling, Reservoir surveillance and monitoring, Well testing and production logging, Integrated reservoir modeling, Mixed clastics and carbonate systems, Tertiary carbonates (modern and ancient) case studies, Improved recovery and productivity in carbonate reservoirs, Lithofacies, Diagenesis and reservoir quality, Pore pressure and reservoir quality prediction, EOR/IOR case studies, Northern Iraq

Theme 3: Regional Geology and Tectonics

Regional Paleogeography, Tethys evolution, Eastern Mediterranean tectonics, Arabian plate and Zagros evolution, Rift basin analysis, Extensional and strike-slip tectonics, Nature of the syn-rift to post-rift section, Syn-rift petroleum systems, Stratigraphic traps, Structural traps, Intraplate basins and tectonics

Theme 4: G&G Integration

Geophysical Challenges in the near-subsurface, New advances in seismic acquisition and imaging, Advances in Electromagnetics, Time lapse seismic in Carbonates, Ocean-bottom seismic, Shallow hazards, Near Surface statics, Extracting new value from old data, Rock Physics and Modeling, Seismic inversion, AVO and Seismic attributes, Spectral Decomposition, Fracture prediction, Fluid and pore pressure prediction

Theme 5: Unconventional Resources

Mapping unconventional reservoirs, Regional environmental impact considerations, Shale Gas case histories, Fractured Shale, Optimizing assessment of productive facies, Key factors to optimize well locations, Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs, Oil from Shales and Carbonate Mudstones, Heavy Oil / Ultra-Heavy Oil, CBM / Coal Seam Gas, Geothermal energy from sedimentary basins, Gas Hydrates, Tar Sands, Case Studies

Theme 6: Conventional Resources

Reservoir characterization, Reservoir description, Mixed clastics and carbonate systems, Tertiary carbonates (modern and ancient) case studies, Improved recovery and productivity from carbonate reservoirs, Advanced geophysical methods for reservoir characterization

Theme 7: Petroleum Systems and Geochemistry

Basin evolution and fill history, Burial history and diagenesis, Reservoir provenance, paleogeography, Reservoir quality and geometry, Generation and migration history, Source rock geochemistry, Lacustrine source rocks, Marine source rocks, Case studies of the petroleum system, Unconventional petroleum systems, Uncertainty in Petroleum Systems analysis

Theme 8: Siliciclastics and Carbonates

Sandstone reservoir characterization, Carbonate reservoir characterization, Carbonate reservoir heterogeneity and flow-unit definition, Sandbody architecture, Mixed carbonate clastic systems, Carbonate depositional environment (ancient and modern), Depositional Environment (Non-Marine to Deep water), Advanced geophysical methods for defining carbonate reservoirs, Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality Prediction Controls in Clastics, New Sequence Stratigraphy Concepts, Case Studies

Theme 9: Structural Geology and Traps

Traps, seals, fault and fracture networks, Fault seals and risk assessment, Exploration in Fractured basement plays, Fractured Reservoirs, Structural Traps, Nature and Impact of inversion structures, Sub-salt, Sub-basalt, Overthrusting

Theme 10: Health, Safety, Environment Geology & Hydrogeology

Hydrogeology, Environmental Impact, Contingency Planning, HSSE Management Systems, Fluid Remediation (drilling, oil and produced fluids), Safety leadership and culture, Carbon capture and storage, Competency and Capability training, Corporate social responsibility, Community development projects

Theme 11: History of Petroleum Geology

History of Exploration in the Middle East, First oil discoverers in the Middle East, Oil barons of the Balkans, History of E&P and Nobel, History of petroleum exploration of Turkey

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